In the Night: Season 1

Welcome to Bakersville. It's an idyllic small town where hell is about to break loose...
October 28, 2020
In the Night: Chapter 7

After the deadly aftermath at Maguire’s farm, Mercer has awoken to discover he has been taken hostage by Mr. C in the Bakersville campgrounds. He must find a way to save himself and his deputies, before time runs out and the general and his monstrous soldiers make their way to them. email@soundsscarypodcast.comwww.soundsscarypodcast.comSounds Scary Instagram

October 30, 2020
In the Night: Chapter 8

While Mercer is away from his home on the stakeout, Sarah, AJ, Hiro, and James’s mother Maggie are alerted by James to the immediate danger and must fight to survive as they hide in the house from the horror lurking outside. James must make his way to them before it’s too late. email@soundsscarypodcast.comwww.soundsscarypodcast.comSounds Scary Instagram

November 2, 2020
In the Night: Chapter 9

After Mercer discovers the creatures have killed his mother, he must battle his own demons under immense pressure while finding a way to channel his blood thirsty vengeance in order to work with Mr. C and locate the invasive creatures and eradicate them forever. email@soundsscarypodcast.comwww.soundsscarypodcast.comSounds Scary Instagram

November 4, 2020
In the Night: Chapter 10

Mercer and his new assembled crew are locked and loaded and decide to make their way to an old factory to destroy a potential nest but during their mission, they encounter a new hybrid of evil. An enemy that has taken flight and is thirsty for human flesh. But James and Sarah must face another […]

November 6, 2020
In the Night: Chapter 11

The storm has worsened and while Mercer fights for his life in the dark stormy sky, Sarah, Hernadez, and Bob must help fight off the swarm heading to their RV. But the creatures outside aren’t the only danger threatening their lives. email@soundsscarypodcast.comwww.soundsscarypodcast.comSounds Scary Instagram

November 9, 2020
In the Night: Chapter 12

Notes go hereSarah, Bob, and Hernadez’s plan to take back the RV fails and they are taken hostage by Mr. C and Agent Barnes. Meanwhile Mercer is still trapped in the clutches of the serpent sergeant. He must find a way to escape to save his own life and the ones he loves. email@soundsscarypodcast.comwww.soundsscarypodcast.comSounds Scary […]

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